Strengthen partnerships to support schools

To maximize their impact, our schools need to collaborate in new and deeper ways with community partners and families - working as a whole community with the success of kids at the center. That means breaking down traditional silos and reaching out across historical barriers to bring people together. It means building on the successful partnerships we've already created. It also means recognizing places where trust is low, and doing the hard work of building it.

Focus and learn to achieve equity

With little progress for decades, clearly we need to work in new ways to tackle the stubborn differences we see in educational outcomes by race and income. That means setting clear goals, and accelerating progress by learning continuously from what works and what doesn’t.

Hire, support, and keep great educators to strengthen instruction

We have accomplished teachers and school leaders in this district, and will need to attract more in the coming years. Let’s use best practices of incredible workplaces, and give teachers and administrators the tools and support they need to succeed.

Seek adequate, responsible funding to ensure sustainability

With inadequate state funding, and competing county priorities, we must advocate for the funding we need to attract and retain great teachers and to repair or replace our aging schools. We also need to be transparent, responsible stewards of taxpayer funds.